Vitrified Bond

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  • Vitrified Bond
    The advantage of the Vitrified Bond is the excellent cutting ability and profile retention, Coolant transportation combined with good wear.

    Wendt has developed numerous bond systems designed for precision applications to achieve high performance. We support with perfect Vitrified bond CBN/Diamond tools for intricate forms based upon your exact requirements.

    Vitrified Bond Diamond/CBN Wheels conforming to FEPA Standard are available ranging from 2mm to 750mm in diameter for Industries / Applications.


  • Automotive parts grinding

  • Paper Manufacturing Industry

  • Bearing Industry

  • Aerospace industry

  • Turbine Industry

  • Grinding of PCD and PCBN

  • Profile grinding of TC threading plates

  • OD grinding of Printing Rolls, Shafts and Rods

  • Flat grinding of Ceramic components

  • Flat, OD and ID grinding operations of various parts

  • Grinding of Camshafts and Crankshafts

  • Finishing of turbine parts

We offer exclusive range of Vitrified Bond Diamond / CBN Wheels and Tools for customer specific critical applications.


For more details please refer the catalogue

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