Metal Bond

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  • Metal Bond
    Metal Bond wheels are meant for high resistance to wear applications and tend to give particularly long life. The use of coolant for metal bonds is a must. In exceptional cases of small contact surfaces, dry grinding may be employed

    A comprehensive range of products conforming to FEPA Standard are offered from 6mm to 700mm in diameter.


  • Ceramic and Refractory grinding

  • Glass Industry

  • Tile grinding

  • TC Roll grinding

  • Rotary Tools grinding

  • Automotive and Construction Glass grinding

  • Flute grinding

  • Centreless grinding

  • Wheel Dressing

  • Concrete / RCC Core Drilling

  • Precision Component Form grinding

  • Profile grinding

  • Periphery grinding of inserts

  • Grinding of PCD and PCBN

In addition, we offer the most exclusive range of Metal Bond Diamond / CBN Wheels and Tools for customer specific critical applications.

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