LOAD-CELL LC-200R/LC-200RB Series

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  • LOAD-CELL LC-200R/LC-200RB Series
    Versatile Function, Peerless Advanced Technology
    Mainstream of Rockwell Method in the New Century


  • Direct Loading Method with Load-Cell Feedback instead of Weights System & Direct Linear Displacement Measurement.
    • High Speed Test Cycle and Extremely Accurate Loading Control based on Intelligent Software come true!
  • Ultimate in Flexibility conforming to Various Requirements by ISO, JIS, ASTM. etc.
  • User-friendly One-touch Operation on vivid 8-Color Touch-Panel for Display and Input all Test Conditions.
  • One Tester, All Rockwell Scales, Regular & Superficial, and Light Load Brinell Test instantly available with the touch of a finger.
    • In addition to all Standard Rockwell Test Loads, the LC-200R Series allow User Selection of Minor/ Major Load Combination(anywhere between 3 and 200 kgf) allowing Creation of Customized Rockwell Type Test - Ideal for Research Application!
  • Entire Test Cycle will be performed Full-Automatically.
    • Descent of Load Shaft ~Minor Load Application ~Test Load Application/Hold/Release ~Hardness Display~ Ascent of Load Shaft
  • 8 Languages available.
    • Japanese/ English/ German/ French/ Italian/ Spanish/ Chinese/ Korean
  • One Touch Selection for [Plastics Test Mode] conforming to JIS and ASTM Standard available.
  • Detection and Output of [Max. Indentation Depth] possible.
    • This Function is very Effective to provide Precious Data for Evaluation of [Fracture Toughness] of Fine Ceramics and Compound Materials.
  • Various Data Correction available.
    • Max. Five Points on HR/ Offset on each HR/ HR on Convex Cylindrical Surface (ASTM)/ HRC on Convex Round Surface(JIS)
  • Max. 2000 Data Memory Capacity.
  • Various Data Editing & Statistical Function available.
    • Data Editing/ Statistic Data (Test Times/ Max./ Min./ Mean/ Range/ Standard Deviation/ Dispersion/ Coefficient of Variation)/ Graph Chart Display/ Histogram Display
  • One Touch Selection of Test Load in Kgf or SI Unit available.
  • Self Diagnosis Function available.
    • Display Troubles with Motors and Switches automatically.

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