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  • Hones
    Honing is a low- speed, high- pressure surface finishing operation in which stock is removed by the cutting action of abrasive grit embedded in one or more honing stones.

    Wendt offers Honing sticks, made from CBN or Diamond. Wendt possess, under one roof, all the resources necessary to develop and build unique honing tools/sticks that address the longstanding customer problems and ultimately improve product performance.


  • Cylinder Block Honing

  • Connecting Rod Honing

  • Fuel Injection Parts Honing

  • Gear Bore Honing

  • Gun Barrel Honing

  • Liner Honing

  • Rocker Arm Honing

  • Hydraulic Tube Honing


Wendt also offers the range of Diamond / CBN Hones for customer specific applications

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