Electroplated (Galvanic) Bond

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  • Electroplated (Galvanic) Bond

    Electroplated grinding tools stand out due to extraordinary good cutting ability with intricate shapes. The Electroplated tools can be re-plated several times, which balances the low life of the tools.

    Wendt has developed numerous small and large complex profiles Electroplated Bond wheels with high precision profile geometry. They come with many advantages like- Single grit layer in an extremely stable bond, Extremely high grinding performance and High geometric stability.

    Galvanic Diamond/CBN Wheels are offered conforming to FEPA Standards ranging from 0.5mm to 650mm in diameter


  • Automotive Industries

  • Aerospace Industries

  • Carbide industry

  • Ceramic industry

  • Medicine industry

  • Dental industry

  • Internal grinding

  • Slot grinding

  • Profile grinding

  • Grinding of green and sintered tungsten carbide

  • Grinding of ceramic

  • Grinding of brake coverings

  • Cutting of reinforced rubber mouldings

  • Grinding of factitious knee joint

  • Profiling of rubber-bonded grinding pins

  • Pins for dentists and dental technicians

In addition, we offer the range of Electroplated Bond Diamond / CBN Wheels and Tools for customer specific critical applications.

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