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X060 Engraving Insert.
Custom forms now available in an indexable engraving tool. Angled form. Radius angled form. Radius form.
Limitless variations. Replace your solid carbide engraving tool with the X060 indexable solution.
Inserts: ♦ Included angles from 10° up to 120°.
♦ Minimum width of bottom: 0.1 mm (0.005” for inch dimension)*
♦ NC2032: K20F carbide, TiALN coated, for all kind of steel from 30-50HRC,
                    carbon steel, alloy steel and casting iron.
♦ NC2035: K20F carbide, ALDURA coated, for steel with heat treatment up to 56 HRC.
♦ NC9036: K20F carbide, DLC coated, for non-ferrous metal, Al, Al-alloy, Brass, copper and
                    long cutting chip metal.
* The X060 insert will be designed  based on your specific application of angle, width, depth and
   corner radius. Holder:
♦ Carbide shank diameter: Ø6 mm, L=60mm.
♦ Made of high alloy steel and brazed on a carbide shank. Provides high rigidity and anti-vibration
♦ One holder supports the entire X060 series of engraving inserts.

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X060A30W100S-NC2032, X060A30W051S-NC2032, X060A60W030S-NC2032, X060A60W030S-NC9036, X060A60W013R-NC2032, X060A60W051R-NC2032, X060A60W038R-NC2032, X060A60R010-NC2035, X060A60R040-NC9036. Stock .
Angle: 30°, Width: 0.3. Angle: 60°, Width: 0.1  + Radius 0.02. Angle: 60°, Radius: 0.1
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